SPAC Nation Global lead Pastor Tobi Adegboyega charges Christians to emulate Abraham to get their destiny fulfilled

By Michael Olanrewaju.

Genuine believers across the globe have been advised to re-invent in order to create an identity that would make it possible for them to fulfill their destiny and enjoy the benefits of being children of Abraham who is regarded as the father of faith.

Speaking in London via online service during the service themed ONE, the Global Lead Pastor of SPAC Nation which is regarded as one of the fastest growing Pentecostal ministry in the United Kingdom, Pastor Tobi Adegboyega said this can be achieved by submitting to God absolutely just like Abraham did in his walk with God.

“Abraham believed God at a time when it was difficult to believe. He believed in God despite not seeing Him or being able to identify Him, and the more he aligned himself with God, the more God-like he became,the Minister of God said

“Fact is you need to believe in the invisible God to be invincible. It is an act of faith, and indeed why Abraham is called the father of faith because no other person has ever exhibited the kind of faith found in Abraham.”

Pastor Tobi Adegboyega further stated that Abraham took the hard decision to re-invent by leaving the kind of life he had planned for himself to be the man that could key into God’s promise for his life.

Citing two more examples of people whose lives exhibited the amazing kind of faith and relationship Abraham had with God, the Global Head of SPAC Nation mentioned the duo of Enoch and Elijah, two people who did not see death.

“Enoch and Elijah became invincible because of their walk with God. They forged a relationship with God that meant they did not see death which is the actual physical end of all human beings. In fact, Elisha had to key into a level of invisibility before he was able to inherit Elijah’s anointing.”

The Nigerian-born Pastor paid glowing tributes to the kind of exemplary life lived by Abraham who was the first man referred to as righteous because of his faith in God that he could not see. He called faith a statement of worship and referred to it as what links us with Abraham.

Speaking further, Pastor Tobi charged people of faith to rise above what has been ingrained in them from the foundation of their lives and seek to have a relationship with God adding that being born again is not about confessing Jesus as Lord and saviour alone.

He advised people to seek the true God and not the one passed down by their parents, referring to the way God detested idolatry and all forms of sin.

“Who is God to you? Abraham knew God, same with Jacob and others. At SPAC Nation, we know God because we have our relationship with him which is not even about religion. You should ask yourself who you know God to be to you. It is unfortunate that the present day Church is not showing us the real Jesus. All we are shown is that Jesus was a religious guy who pulled stunts till he got himself accused of blasphemy and had to be killed Jesus is more than that, and you need to seek Him yourself.He is our saviour who did everything for us.

He touched on the way Christians mostly become judgmental and forget to align with God and fellow men that still need to find their ways to Christ.

“As Christians, we forget that God justifies the Gentiles when we stay condemning and judging them because they belong to other religions or other ways of life. You need to be a blessing to people, and you don’t need to force your religion on them in the process of doing this. They will see what you do and align with you of their own will.”he emphasised

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