Religious organizations should not be partisan but can support credible candidates- Pastor Tobi Adegboyega.

Michael Olanrewaju

The Lead Pastor of SPAC Nations London, Tobi Adegboyega has counselled that leaders of religious organizations should keep away from partisan politics but can support credible individuals aspiring into political offices.

This he said, would restore sanity into party politics which is erroneously termed a dirty game worldwide due to the high levels of corruption entangled and evolving throughout the institution itself.

The 39 year old Pastor made this remark while​announcing his decision to storm Nigeria next year to flag off his empowerment programme to alleviate poverty for Nigerian youths.

He disclosed that SPAC Nations in London is not an advocate of any political party despite its soft spot for the reliable youths who are contesting for positions.

“In London we are accused of supporting a political party. This is far from truth. These politicians are afraid we are going to take sides with people that they thought I was close with.

” For example, they believed I am close with cabinet ministers like Boris Johnson. I have the right to be close to a political person but my advocacy is to be close to young people who are the hope for the world.”

“Our work has introduced us to high level associates across parties in the United Kingdom.”

“A church of young people like SPAC Nation have members who aspire to be in politics and what I have done is support them in my capacity. You must also know that some of these people are folks who I have raised from a young age. So when they show deep their interest in politics, I have to support them. We must be strong in supporting them as individuals, more than the party itself and that’s what we do. Our Church is not for any political Party.

Pastor Tobi who said that he​sympathises with Nigerian youths who have gone into crime as a result of poverty assured that his empowerment programme taking off in Nigeria next year would address youth unemployment.

Pastor Tobi said that it would initially take off in​ Abuja and in Lagos which are central and later spread to other parts of the country adding that it has no ethnic colouration.

He disclosed that a water tight mechanism has been put in place to effectively supervise the implementations of the programme adding that security agents may be coopted when and if necessary.

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