SPAC Nation Global lead Pastor, Adegboyega calls for emergence of new leadership

- - world is in dire need of new leaders committed to the needs of the people.

Michael Olanrewaju

LONDON based SPAC Nation has challenged all and sundry, irrespective of religious affiliations, to rise from their slumber and make themselves available as the world sinks in her desperate need for proper leadership.

This call was made by Pastor Tobi Adegboyega, the Global Lead Pastor of the ministry, which is one of the largest growing Pentecostal ministry in the United Kingdom.

Also in attendance at the service tagged Leaders were the Senior Pastors of the SPAC Nation, Pastors Sam Akokhia and Dammy Balogun as well as other other ordained ministers of the ministry who also ministered during the spirit filled service in London.

Pastor Sam equally charged people to understand that “the mandate on our shoulders is to demonstrate leadership wherever we find ourselves, admonishing us not to wait for an individual when the seed of leadership is embedded in us.”

According to him, while the role of some is in leadership, some others have to play the role of supporters so as to ensure that the leaders fulfil the assignment they have been divinely saddled with.

Using the game of football as an example, Pastor Akokhia said while there are strikers, the supporting striker and other members of the team are equally important.

“Not everyone will be the striker, there is the supporting striker. There is always the supporting cast in a production. We should know where God has placed us and act accordingly because all we do is for the glory of God, and not any man.”

In his sermon, Pastor Tobi Adegboyega, the Global Lead Pastor of the ministry highlighted the desperate times the world is in and said it can only be saved by the emergence of new leaders who are committed to the onerous task ahead of them.

In his words, God will put some people on the billboard but there are many who are working with the face everyone sees, and without whom nothing will be done. The motive, according to him is to glorify God, and not any man.

“There is a new world upon us that will lead to the emergence of new leaders. We cannot afford to stick with the same set of people who have used different postulations, policies and principles to balance the world to no avail.”

Pastor Tobi said his assignment as global leader of SPAC Nation, which his people support, is to get into a community to make people who have been written off into world renowned individuals without putting their religions into consideration.

According to him, religion is the least thing on God’s mind. He enthused repeatedly that Jesus did not die for recognition or attention, nor did he die for only followers of Christianity alone.
The Nigerian-born minister of the gospel said leaders should seek to influence people to follow and pay attention to them, adding that leadership is influence.

Quoting from Psalms 126, he tasked leaders to be ready to put in the required work by sowing all that is needed.

“This is not a matter of sowing your money alone. You need to sow your time, attention, efforts and resources along with your financial resources so as to reach those God has put in your care.”

Pastor Tobi declared unequivocally that he was focused on producing the next generation of leaders. He stated that the dream for the next generation of leaders is bigger than an individual, adding that all God does is to use that individual to make things happen.

He charged people to break free from whatever was caging them and take the mantle of leadership that God has placed in their hands in these times.

“God needs a set of people who will see the larger picture and key into the vision for new leaders to emerge all over the world. You need to dare to do things differently without caring what people think or say. That kind of courage is needed in leadership.”

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