Count down to Osun Local Government Election: Hon. Adeyeni poises for re-election.

- - banks on several achievements and popularity within the party and the populace

Olawale Jelili, Ile Ife.

The race towards forthcoming Local Government election in Osun State has started in earnest across the state as contending aspirants are set for tough battles of their lives to secure tickets of their parties and win the ciuncil polls as chairmen.

Political pundits in Ile-Ife averred that what happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object? However, others noted that the answer is simple. “In the presence of an irresistible force, there can be no immovable object. If the force by definition is irresistible, the object by implication cannot be immovable.”

There is no gainsaying the fact that there is a momentous period of irresistible continuity of good work of Honourable Olusegun Adeyeni in Ife-East Local Government Council. The battle for the chairmanship seat of Ife-East Local Government has been described by pundits as a battle of titan between Broadningad and Lilliput in Gulliver’s Travel’s Jonathan Swift.

As it is, Honourable Olusegun Adeyeni is set to slug it out with the likes of Mr Kayode Ogundele, the Ife-East Party Chairman and Mr Olayinka Olatunbosun among other aspirants who are also eyeing the seat on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Interestingly, the race promises to be interesting considering the bigwigs involved in the battle for the chairmanship seat. Among the gladiators, Honourable Olusegun Adeyeni is said to be enjoying his good works and achievements as his campaign bait.

In the words of Franz Fanon, who said, ” every generation is out of relative obscurity, discover our mission, fulfil or betray it, ” but Adeyeni has come again to continuing his long dream of delivering dividends of democracy to his people.

Although, there is no scarcity of competent men and women to pilot the affairs of the Local Government since its existence but Adeyeni would continue delivering dividends of democracy more to the people through his experience and exposure in the world of governance, who is now in the eyes of the people in the Local Government area as a result of his high aspiration for the people.

He was however, described as a humble person who is set to continuing serving his people through purposeful leadership because leadership is about service to humanity. Considering his political party APC, which is widely accepted among the people of the council area.

According to sources, he has successfully warmed his way into the hearts of the people and apart from been a legislator, he is an educationist. Adeyeni who is now convinced again that he fits the picture of the kind of man who could continue his good work in the council, means good thing to the ordinary people and sizeable political elites.

However, his track record of performance at a time while in the saddle has been keeping him flying. Honourable Olusegun Adeyeni, according to sources, has been described as a man of the people, who has love of his people at heart.

A redeemer is already available who has been tested and trusted and we need to rally around the glorious can-do banner of the valiant achiever, Hon. Adeyeni, who is the way to redemption in Ife-East Local Government Council, Oke-Ogbo, Ile Ife.

Surprisingly, insiders in the APC said, party members have promised to work for the realisation of his second term ambition because he is man of sound credentials and unquestionable character, who came, saw and conquered.

His declaration has captured the popular feeling within the council area and it was a baseline of solidarity for his ambition. Adeyeni has never seen politics as do or die affair but service to humanity. In one of his addresses, he said the development of Ile-Ife was his utmost priority.

Honourable Adeyeni’s vision for the revival of the council area has been yielding bumper dividends. Pundicts believed that to govern Ife-East Local Government is an herculean task considering the meagre resources accrued and nature of the council, requires the service of an experienced individual, who understands the art of governance like Adeyeni.

He understands what governance entails because he had been in government and understands rudiment of governance. He had touched lives of many, taught them how to fish through series of developmental programmes done in the council area.

The meagre resources accrued to the council was judiciously used based on the needs of each community in the council area.

“I have the blueprint of the council and this is what I have been executing gradually in which the council area would soon be agricultural and commercial hub of Ile Ife.”

His cordial relationship with the party members, elders, leaders, cabinet members, and the council workers had been propelling him for successful administration. But sources said that he is a man to beat for the forthcoming chairmanship race within the party and the local government electipn..

The score card of Hon. Olusegun Adeyeni, Chairman, Ife-East Local Government, Oke- Ogbo, Ile- Ife

* Purchase and installation of 2 transformers at Saga/Obalayan and Oke-Atan communities, Ile Ife.
* Reconstruction of 16 open stalls to full lock-up shops at Ejigbomekun market, Oja-Ife, Ile Ife.

* Repair of 23 boreholes across the Local Government Area.
* Purchase of 2 official cars and repair of 4 official cars for the use of council officers.
* Ongoing construction of 45 lock-up shops at Ajigbomekun (Oja-Ife) market, Ile-Ife.

* Installation of street light at Ajifowobaje and Ejigbomekun markets, Ile Ife.

* Complete repair of grounded NULGE bus
* Complete renovation of Conference Room of the Council Secretariat.
* Repair of furniture in the council Secretariat.
* Construction of 10 luck-up shops at Local Government Secretariat, Oke-Ogbo, Ile Ife.
* Empowerment programme for youths, farmers, artisans, market women, through provision of clippers, sewing machine dryers, farm tools and financial assistance to market women, etc.
* Dredging of rivers to reduce flood.

* Engagement of 26 casual workers in the council and were paid regularly.
* Regular grading of roads in the across Local Government area.
* Purchase of generating set to Aganhun Police Station (C) Division, Ile I’ve.
* Distribution of school uniform to elementary school pupils across the Local Government area.

* Repair of water system and comfort facilities at the Council Secretariat.
* Financial assistance and medical care to physically challenged person ( Master Tomiwa), a pupil of L.A Elementary School, Ijio, Ile Ife.
* Distribution of drugs and medical equipment to all Primary Health Centres in the council area in 2018, 2019, but 2020 in view.
* Financial assistance to Mosque and Church in the Council Secretariat for completion.
* Establishment of skill acquisition centre.

* Cultivation of plantain plantation in the Council Secretariat.
* Provision of furniture chairs and tables for the pupils of Elementary School, and Health centre in Ijio, Ile Ife.
* Purchase and repair of office furniture chairs, tables at the chairman’s office and departments in the Council Secretariat.
* General sanitation and clearing of dumping sites across the Council area.
* Desilting of drainages across the Local Government Area.
* Renovation and painting of entrance of the Local Government Secretariat.
* Purchase of standing split Air Conditional to the office of the Chairman.
* Mending of valleys and pot-holes abandoned Ajamopo road, Ile Ife.
* Regular payment of staff salary

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