Ijesa North APC re-unites under the leadership of Chief Ogunsanya.

Michael Olanrewaju.

All the leading members of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ijesa North (Oriade/Obokun) Federal Constituency of Osun State on Thursday, October 3, 2019 resolved to come together under the leadership of High Chief Olusola Ogunsanya.

This has brought to an end the festering crisis threatening the peaceful coexistence of the once impregnable party that has lost the Senatorial and House of Representatives election in the 2019 National Assembly elections.

According to an inside source in the party “Over 140 leaders of the ruling All progressive Congress from local governments and ward levels in Oriade/Obokun federal constituency, Osun state, have called for unity, love and discipline among members, in the spirit of the internal reconciliation carried out at the various local government levels, which culminated into a visit to Chief Olusola Ogunsanya,on Thursday 3rd October, 2019.

” The delegate included, former commissioner for finance, Dr Wale bolorunduro, The four (4) local govt party chairmen, others like Chief J O komolafe, Chief Bosun Omole, Alhadji Oladiran Ashaolu, chief Cornelius Esan, Prince Adesokun, Prince Adebisi, Chief Bunmi Aboge, Chief Obatuyi, Alhadji Adebambi, Chief Olomolatan, Bashorun Omojowogbe, Chief Adebisi of SDP/APC coalition, Dr Olamijulo Olasiji (Akol) and other chieftains, who made the call when they paid the constituency leader, chief Sola Ogunsanya a visit to implore him to take up the challenges of leading the federal constituency out of the wood.

“The leaders who said having searched their souls and found out that Chief Olusola ogunsanya has never been found wanting as a progressive who is always willing to sacrifice all he has for his party to emerge victorious in all elections, pledged their support to him and encouraged him to forgive those who might have offended him.

“Describing chief Olusola Ogunsanya as an irreplaceable quality leader, the speakers spoke one after the other, urged the people to cooperate with him and seek peace with their associates with a view to restoring the political glory of the federal constituency.

“They resolved that chief Ogunsanya remained the only recognized apex leader of Oriade/Obokun federal constituency.

“In a remark, chief Olusola Ogunsanya said he is elated to know that the self imposed internal reconciliation he wished since 2006 had commenced and now yielding fruits, he mentioned some chieftains, who would never work together previously, now working together and present in the entourage.

“He attributed the loss of the party in the last national and state assembly posts to internal crises and the work of fifth columnists, who would pretend to be in the party but worked for candidates of other party.
“He accepted all the offerings from the visiting leaders and offered to serve them and the party. He pledged to resume duty as the federal constituency apex leader to restore the glory of APC in the area.

“He appealed to members to forget their grievances and cooperate to win future elections in the area. The APC party members later sat to do federal constituency meeting and resolved as follows:
1) that the federal constituency apex leader, high Chief ogunssnya, was never replaced and indeed irreplaceable as the result of the last round of election revealed
2) that all future meetings of the federal constituency shall be held in iloko residence of high Chief sola Ogunsanya as of old,
3) that the APC party should cooperate fully with high Chief sola ogunsanya so as to reenact the party winning streak In all future election
4) that the party in the entire federal constituency should work assiduously to win the Obokun state constituency assembly rerun, in case it comes up
5) that APC party members in the federal constituency will remain loyal and respectful to the leadership of High Chief Sola Ogunsanya
6) that High Chief Sola Ogunsanya is the mouthpiece of the constituency at the state level and wherever that matter.”

Cov/ IH

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