Nasarawa and Benue Governors commend PMB for deploying Airforce for insecurity in the North Central Nigeria.

Samson Osuo, Lafia.

The Governors of Nasarawa and Benue States have commended President Mohammadu Buhari for deploying Air force to address the lingering problem of insecurity in the Nirth-Central geopolitical zone of the Country.

The two Governors made the commendation during a joint security meeting on Wednesday in Guma Local Government Council of Benue State.

The governors opined that deploying the Air force men to the area would add value to the efforts being made by the federal and state governments towards the fight against criminality.

They promised that as leaders of their respective States, they will do their possible best to ensure that lasting peace reign in the area.

Governor Abdullahi Sule who explained that the peace meeting was necessitated due to recent attacks and killings in the border communities of the two states, said their resolve is to ensure that the claims and counter claims by the parties involved are put to rest.

He said herdsmen in his state claimed that the Benue state livestock guards crossed over to Nasarawa and attacked them while the people at the border areas of Benue on the other hand said they have not operated outside their state.

According to him people of the two states have a long mutual relationship, and wondered why they should be fighting and killing themselves.

The Governor who noted that Benue State has ‘Anti Open Grazing Law’ in place, waned herdsmen from Nasarawa State to stay clear of open grazing in any part of the state.

Governor Sule said even though there is no clear demarcation in the border communities of the two states, herdsmen from Nasarawa should henceforth desist from grazing in disputed border communities.

On his part, the Benue state Governor, Samuel Ortom who commended his Nasarawa State counterpart for initiating the peace meeting, said decisions reached at the meeting would go a long way in bringing to an end the incessant conflicts in border Communities of the two States.

Ortom who pointed out that the livestock guards of Benue state have not and would not crossover to arrest anybody who violates the anti open grazing law of the state, warned that any violator of the Law that crossover to Nasarawa State can not be pursued to that state to be arrested by the livestock guards.

He called on security agencies to arrest and prosecute any livestock guard official from Benue state that crossover to Nasarawa State to do any funny thing.

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