Coalition of organizations kicks against The Control of Infectious Diseases Bill, 2020.

Michael Olanrewaju, Ilorin.

A coalition of over 60 groups of professionals under the umbrella of coalition against mandatory vaccination in Nigeria (NoMandatoryVaxNaija Movement- NMVN) has kicked against the Control of Infectious Diseases Bill, 2020 before the House of Representatives.

In a joint press statement made available to Spear Gist by NMVN and the advocates for Freedom and Democracy, they averred that, “mandatory vaccination must be expunged from the Control of Infectious Diseases Bill, 2020”.

The statement which was signed by the Chairman of NMVN and Director RAPHA Institute of Healthy Living, Lagos, Dr. Niyi Oginni, co-chairman of NMVN and President, Christian Initiative for Nation Building, Osogbo, Prof. Joshua Ojo, co-chairman, NMVN and President, LivingScience Foundation, Ile-Ife, Mr. Osazee Isonaree, secretary, NMVN and Executive Director, Initiative for Youths Response Centre, Osigbo, , Rec. Tony Akinyemi as well as Pastor Bosun Emmanuel, Dr. Olalekan Jesuleye, Pastor Mrs. Obele Ibanga for Advocates for Freedom and Democracy, they alleged that the “bill infringe on the clear provisions of the Nigerian constitution in the area of human rights and civil liberties and portend grave dangers to our physical, mental and spiritual health”.

According to the coalition, ” we believe as millions of Nigerians that the COVID-19 pandemic is a money making initiative of some Globalist, New World Order advocates seeking to usher in another another season of colonization and enslavement of Africa, with Nigeria being a prime target. With a clear understanding of what this portends for us as a nation, our children and generations yet unborn, we vehemently oppose the move and demand that the proposed bill must be specifically proscribe implants into the body either for administering a vaccine (section 47 (3), providing certification that a vaccine had been administered (section 30 (1), (2), or surveillance purpose (section 80).”

Picking further holes, the coalition stated that, “several instances of summary abrogation of human rights, dignity and civil liberties” are in the bill. The issue of mandatory vaccination with the possibility of chip- implants being employed in the areas of vaccine delivery, certification and surveillance” as contained in “section 6 (1) and (2), section 13 (1), 13 (4) and 70 of the bill vested so much power to the Director General of Nigeria Centre for Diseases Control that infringed on fundamental human rights.”

Explaining further, the coalition said, “the bill did not specifically mention chip-implant, but there are lacunas to insert it under the guise of controlling infectious diseases in Nigeria.”
They added further that, ” it us establishes both in scholarly and popular literature as the implanted is literally turned into a cybernetic organism (a.k.a cyborg).

On the issue if safety, the coalition averred that it cannot be guaranteed as the manufacturers are not liable. To make the bill have anything called safety, it must provide for “adequate compensation for adverse health impact” and “prevent indiscriminate dumping of hazardous vaccine in developing countries”

They noted that the World Health Organization has listed 83 vaccines for the COVI-19 pandemic as at April 22, 2020 but non have been proved to have been used on human body, saying “tharosal used in Nigeria has been abrogated in the Western nations over 49 years ago” because of its mercury on human body.

The NMVN coalition therefore called on all patriotic Nigerians irrespective of religious and ethnic differences to join them in this effort to prevail on the House of Representatives members as well as others in Government to do the eight thing and give Nigeria a chance to fulfill her God given destiny.

It would be recalled that the bill got into the House if Representatives on Tuesday, April 28, 2020 and given expedite readings.

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