Xenophobia: OPCI National president decries the happenings in South Africa

Calls for restructuring of Nigeria

By Kehinde Akinpelu, Ilorin.

The Oodua Progresive care Initiative (OPCI) National President, Dr, Marufu Olarewaju, has decried the wasting of lives and properties going on in South Africa as intentionally planned and coordinated by people of S/Africa targeted on Nigeria citizens.

According to Olarewaju, “it is highly disgraceful and shameful to the government of Nigeria watching her citizens being killed like animals for no just cause and without any meaningful and concrete step under the watch of Gen Muhammad Buhari led administration.”

He added that, “this could only happen to a country of over two hundred millions people with abundant resources, both human and mineral but ironically one of the poorest country in the world.

“Nigeria Democracy is now over twenty years old, our government failed to achieve any meaningful development In terms of the social amenities, our road has turn to death trap, our hospitals are best describe as mortuaries, educational system are getting worse day by day, our security systems has completely collapsed, those who managed to graduate from our institutions of higher learning have got no employment, some who decided to employ themselves trough agriculture are facing Herdsmen problem.”

Olarewaju,who bemoaned that home is not save for the citizens,added that those who managed to travel abroad are facing series of challenges,opined that it is no wonder that the Secretary to the South African Government called on Nigerian Government to create job opportunities for her citizens.

He insisted that “if South Africa do this and get away with it soonest another country will emulate it and the results of it may be brutal for the government and future of our dear country.

“Nigeria government should learn from what happened to Liberia, Somalia and Rwanda when citizens confront the government.”

He concluded that it is never too late to restructure Nigeria as a panacea to myriad of challenges confronting the country, saying “let’s put the right pen into right hole.”

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  1. Yes, My Lord With Due Respect And Senses of Humility…. U are so A Good Democratic Leader per_Excellence…bcoz if Nigeria Govt filled to React Fast to d Issue on Ground… Anoda Country can Emulate dem…. ND by Den it Might Be getting Out of hand. Let do D Right Thing At a Precious Time.
    Hon S.A Minister for Moral And Gyration Carez

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