FG, Health Agencies should stem water contaminated diseases – Don.

Michael Olanrewaju, Ilorin.

A University don has called on the Federal Government and the Health Agencies to stem diseases associated with intake of contaminated water.

Professor Olatunji Mathew Kolawole of the Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Life Sciences,University of Ilorin made the call at the One Hundred and Ninetieth ( 190th) inaugural lecture of the institution on Thursday, January 23, 2020.

Speaking on the topic “Transcending the viral world: A tale of mimicry, knockdown and knockout, Kolawole called on the Government at all levels as well as health agencies to provide support and start up capital for the mass production of mini water purification system for point- of -use disinfection of water to knock out diseases associated with intake of water contamination.

Kolawole, who has contributed to knowledge immensely in water pollution intervention, Biotechnology, malaria, viral world, maternal and child health, cancer treatment and prevention, viral respiratory tract infection, viral hemorrhagic fever, arhovirus, rift valley fever and Bioterrorism, Marburg virus, and the poliovirus with 19 new bacteria strains added to the Genomic World Bank also called on Governments and health agencies to establish viriological indicators as bacteriological and physiochemical indicators alone are no longer visible to determine water portability.

He added that Government should enact policies in favour of local vaccine production against malaria while nationwide campaign on the need to halt scarification to help curb its role in prevalence of Hepatitis B virus infection.

He also called on Governments and health agencies to ensure that Rubella vaccination is added to their immunization policy as well as nonavalent HPV vaccine currently in use in the United States of America.

He also called on Governments as a matter of health policy to stop female genital mutilation to halt cervical cancer as well as a robust diagnostic approach in treating respiratory viral infection.

Calling on Governments to institutionalize hand washing in work and public places, Kolawole tasked training institutions to ensure availability of molecular diagnostic and research tools which are key to successful research in Life Sciences and Medicine. He added that institutions should partner with biotech companies like Inqaba and Merck for reagents and technical support.

Kolawole called on the University to upgrade existing molecular and biotechnology laboratories, provide statutory annual grants as well as a formidable collaborating researchers of infectious diseases.

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