70 World leaders converge in France to celebrate end of World War 1 in 1918.

Michael Olanrewaju, Osogbo.

Today, history is relived alive as not less than 70 world leaders are gathered in France to attend a memorial concert to commemorate the signing of armistice ending the world war 1 in France.

The centenary armistice celebration taking place all over France has seen President Macron accompany German Chancelor Merkel to visit the forest clearing site in Compeigne where the armistice was signed. Thus, she became the first Cancellor in 78 years to visit the site.

The armistice ending the world war 1 with all its devastating outcome was signed on the November 11, 1918 in Compeigne

It would be recalled that the world war 1 led to the death of not less than 16 million people, sufferings and death of many women and children, cost Germany in particular loss of several hunan and financial resources while countries like Hungary, Romania and others lost their men. Infact, more than forty countries lost several thousands or millions of people to the war.

However, the war invariably led to the rise of nationalism in Germany, Russia, Turkey and a larger part of Europe as well as modern democracy with all its contradictions.

The loopholes exploited by the powers then led to world war 11 but the message and lesson from the historical past is that armistice, peace ends all wars. Exploring peace amongst nations is inevitable. There is need to make the world a safe place for all to live including the coming generations.

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