We are not marginalised in universities, stop speaking for us, ASUU warns NASU

Abiola Kolawole, Ibadan.

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has dissociated self from the marginalization claim by the non-academic unions in Nigeria’s universities, saying non-teaching staffers remain beneficiaries of ASUU’s good naturedness.

Chairman, University of Ibadan ASUU, Dr Deji Omole made the declaration today while addressing members of NUJ correspondents at their secretariat in Mokola, Ibadan.
Dr Omole said this against the backdrop of Earned Academic Allowance which was given to ASUU members in the affected 22 public universities across the country.

Federal government had disbursed 23 billion naira for ASUU’s Earned Academic Allowance (EAA) out of which 11% was magnanimously given to Non-teaching staff.

Dr Omole said the agitation by the non-teaching staff was as a result Earned allowance from which they unduly benefited in the year 2013.

Speaking on the state of the nation, Dr Omole described the current situation in the country as a gang up by the elite against the masses saying that the current socio-economic problems in the country are caused by the the ruling class’ lack of interest in Nigeria.

Justifying his position, the ASUU boss said that if the political class love Nigeria they will pay attention to the health and education sectors in the country instead of sending their children abroad for schooling and traveling abroad for medical care.

Dr Omole decried the deplorable condition of public universities in Nigeria and comatose state of government hospitals while lamenting that 75% of Nigerian-trained medical doctors have migrated to South Africa, USA, United Kingdom among other countries who are committed to their citizens’ welfare.

Speaking on the fight against corruption, Dr Omole maintained that the Federal Government’s fight against corruption could be done without making any noise as it is currently done if the appropriate institution is strong and virile enough to do the task.

He thanked the Nigerian Union of Journalists and the Nigerian media for supporting ASUU’s struggle to improve the situation in Nigeria.
Omole asserted that it was a deliberate attempt by the Federal Government to destroy public higher institutions in the country.

“In the past, the children of the rich attended the same school with the children of the poor. We share the same room, we are in the same class but today the elite have taken their children to schools abroad. This is so because the leaders do not believe in Nigeria.”

Dr Omole said Nigerian government used distractive measures to divert the attention of the citizens from the real issues as the current problem of fuel scarcity is a gimmick by the government to shift attention of the suffering masses from the real governance problems in the country.

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