Reasons for lecturers exiting IBB University, Lapai.

Tunde Bolaji – Minna.

The main reasons why some senior lectures have thrown in the towers to the Niger state owned Ibrahim Badamashi Babaginda University Lapai ( IBBUL) has been uncovered.

One of the seven Senior Lectures who recently resigned their appointments with the University, Associate Professor , Dr. Sam Ibbi revealed this on the reason he left the IBBUL .
In his letter sighted by our Correspondent, titled ” Why I resigned from IBB University ”
Associate Professor Ibrahim Sam Ibbi, lamented that there are several challenges bedeviling the University.

According to the University don among the problems was lack of infrastructure, Salaries and Running Cost that the management has to go pleading for funds to be released.

He added that due to poor infrastructure a class of 500 students now has 2000.

He further revealed that the University is requiring more manpower and no earned allowances are paid.

Professor Ibbi declared ” even though I have secured an appointment with Federal University Lokoja in Kogi State, that is the reason I resigned, the challenges in IBB University are enormous”
Professor Sam added that, it is very difficult to change my mind, but if I get a better condition from the IBB University with a good deal to improve it might give room to reconsider one way or the other”.

The Professor of Geography suggested that the proprietor which is the state Government should know that education is very important to human life.

He said most Governors that came after the founding Governor were self centered, they are narrow minded, even though the establishment of the University is for the benefit of the people of Niger.

He also added that funding and payment of Staff Salaries which is now done 45 or 50 days instead of the usual monthly should be looked into.

Lastly he said, the issues of infrastructure should immediately be taken seriously and also the University should look for ways of doing Public Private Partnership.

Professor Ibrahim Sam IBBU joined the IBB University in 2005 when it was established by the administration of Engineer Abdulkadir A. Kure.

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