Suicide cases on the increase in Niger State

- - records 13 suicide cases in Rijau LGA within a month


Tunde Bolaji – Minna

Reported cases of suicide has been rampant in some part of Niger State which is now a source of concerned within the last one month.

In Rijau local government alone it has no fewer than 13 suicide cases recorded in the past one month.

The strange Incidents of suicide among elderly aged persons it was reliably gathered that most of the people involved in the suicide were ages within the 55 years to 60 years who might felt unfulfilled in life.

The areas that recorded the suicide cases in recent times in the state includes; Darangi, Dukku and
Tunganmagajiya all in Rijau Local Government Area of the State.

Findings further revealed that in most of the reported cases of the suicide, the deceased did not left any written note to show their reasons of taken their lives.

One of the reported incident that happened in Darangi was the early hours of last Friday.

A middle aged man simply Identified as Barde Swashi’s decomposed body was seen hanging on a branch of mango tree in his farm, although he was said to have left his home without any information of where he was going to which according to a family source was very unusual of him.

“Although, on that fateful day, he displayed a very strange act that was not known of him,and we never suspected that he was going to hang himself in his own farm’.

“Only for us to received a shocking news that a middle-aged man corpse was seen dangling on a branch of a mango tree in a farm. On getting to the farm we discovered the corpse to be our own person” family source stated.

Also, a source closed to the family who seek anonymity disclosed that “In a reported incident of suicide, that occurred in Dukku, recently, one Jibrin Dakarkari in his middle 60 was also discovered hanged on a Malaina tree at the back of his house in the early hours of penultimate Wednesday”.

He was said to have before the incident told his neighbour that he will not continue to remain without doing anything that will put food on his table.

“We never thought that he was going to commit suicide with that comment he made “a neighbor confirmed in Minna,

Consequently, a lecturer in the Department of psychology with Ibrahim Badamasi University Lapai in. Niger state ( IBBU,L), Dr Ahmed Mohammed Alfa, attributed the case of suicide to depression and emotional instances.

He noted that most of the cases of suicide among people could be trace to some psychological related incidents.

“in some cases for some one to decide to take his own life it could be either the is worried by a kind of depression which we psychologist is not even enough reason for one to just wake up one day to just kill himself. However, it could be trace to medical record of the person, is either, he has one mental record or the order.

“It could equally be traced to some spiritual related case, what I mean here, is that, the person might be hypnotize by some spiritual forces to just decide to kill himself, if not within the psychological point, any of these forces could be trace to suicidal related cases” he said.

Also speaking a Minna based medical Practitioner Dr. Isaac Tsado, noted that for one to take his own life for a reason best know to him medically, the person might have a psychiatrist record which may not be known to his relation.

“Yes, one cannot just ruled out depression from the medical point of view such person medical records could be trace to psychiatrist record like I said, his relation are not aware of him having such medical record because is not visible for them to know and take appropriate action so that it would not degenerate to the level of taken his own life by himself” Dr Tsado explained.

When contacted for confirmation, the Police Public Relations Officer ( PPRO), Niger State Command ASP, Abiodun Wasiu said for one to just take his own life by himself without any reason is an offence punishable under the police penal code law.

“is a criminal offence under the penal code and the Nigerian Constitution for one to just wake up to take your own life.

“Even in our two religious of worship is a big sin and also in some culture is a tabu in some cultures such person will not even be given a befitting burial. Also he has brought an embarrassment to his immediate family if Care is not even taken such family will not be relevant in that community.

“Like I said within the ambit of the law is a criminal offence under the penal code law and is punishable with some term jail after conviction by the court of competent jurisdiction. That is from legal point of view” he emphasized.

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