About Us

The newspaper is committed to improving and promoting the ever increasing tempo of journalism practice in Nigeria. In an age of globalization, Nigeria would always re-enact the glorious past and this glorious past can only be achieved by a recourse to the renaissance when truth as it is unblemished is held sacrosanct and the good virtues of society is appraised in its proper perspectives.
Spear is a sharp object that pierces through without minding whose ox is gored. Truth, no doubt is always bitter. Therefore, we symbolize the determination to tell the truth no matter the personality(ies) involved as long as it contributes to the advancement of our society as Nigerians, Africans and black race and humanity in general.
We want to do everything in our news analysis to project the good image of our society and condemn the unpalatable aspects with vigour.
We are therefore poised to take journalism to a higher realm than we met it. And in doing this, we would do it with all sincerity, focus
on the good and evil of our society, promote better living for people to meet what obtains in international community to guarantee peace, harmony and uninterrupted development to take us to the ideal position.
Ours is a pledge and commitment to developmental journalism to the core where truth, justice and equity devoid of any personal or primordial consideration would be seen to have been done in a balanced manner in all our stories, features, analysis at all times without having any preference for anybody.
We rely on divine guidance in our desire to render this service to humanity as we would continue to do our stories with the fear of God and man to the glory of humanity. We would not do anything to debase the practice of journalism but improve on the laid standard by the pioneer. So, help us God.